Cupping therapy is an ancient healing modality used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been dated back over 2000 years. There are a few different styles of cupping, as well as different tools that can be used. The style of cupping that I primarily use is called moving cupping. First a lubricant, such as massage oil is applied to the skin, next I will apply glass cups to the body using a heat-generated negative suction to adhere the cup to the skin. After the cups are in place, they can either be left there for a time, causing a red circle to appear, or strategically moved around.

What does cupping do/treat? Cupping releases blood, lymph and sometimes lactic acid to the surface of the body. In traditional Chinese medicine this is referred to as “QI”…When qi is flowing freely throughout the body, there is less pain and overall better health and immunity. Cupping is frequently used in upper respiratory conditions or can be used to strengthen the body and to detoxify. Locally, cupping is great for back pain or shoulder pain or tension, tight IT bands, neck pain and more!