Rising Spiral Massage and Bodywork
1707 W Koenig Ln|  Austin, TX  |  78756



Tuesday/Thursday  ::  11am - 8pm
Friday  ::  9am - 5pm
Saturday  ::  10:30am - 2:30pm



• New patient acupuncture appointment  :: $75

     *1 hr- Includes detailed patient intake + acupuncture + cupping as needed

New appointments take a bit longer, as we are getting to know you and your condition. After your first appointment you will be able to convert to the sliding scale payment option. Please fill out paperwork (link below).

• Existing patient acupuncture appointment  ::  $50-$75

     *45 mins - Includes acupuncture + herbal consult when needed, possible cupping if time allows.

• Existing patient acupuncture + CUPPING appointment :: $75

     *1 hr- Includes acupuncture + herbal consult + gauranteed cupping (if needed), dedicated 1 hr 

• Acupuncture + Massage Package Deal :: Discounted rates apply, please inquire.

Sliding scale on the honor system. This means you pay what you can, considering the frequency of your visits, your income and your budget. You are not tied down to a pricing option...just as life changes, so may the rate you feel comfortable paying.